How would you describe your home–by the way it looks or the values you bring to it? What are your values? What values do you and your partner share? Have you given it much thought? Perhaps you ought to.

When I hear stories of people berating their spouses, I wonder if those people who do the chewing out ever stopped to ask themselves what their values are. Do they value the idea of respect? Do they value the idea of generosity of heart? Do they know what it is?

A Person With A Generous Heart Doesn’t Give Things, He Gives People A Chance.

He has patience; he assumes the best intentions on the other person’s part; he has belief in the goodness of the other. Are you such a person? Is your spouse such a person? Your children? Well, if you all are, then how come there are arguments? Blaming? Criticizing?

A person with a generous heart who then goes and yells could not have that generous heart. It is superficial. He might be generous with the checkbook, but not in his heart. Since a generous heart means giving the other person the benefit of the doubt, there would never be something to yell about.

Give some thought to the values you show in the way you act, not merely the values you say you have. Those are who you really are. Are you who you want to be?

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