Teaching Children To Be Organized

I overheard a snippet of family conversation between one of my adult children and her Life Partner which went like this: Life Partner: “So, do you have our flight number and departure time?” Adult Child: “I couldn’t find it. It’s somewhere in the luggage but the baby is sleeping and I can’t venture to wake him up.” This little bit transported me back in time. I could see myself standing at the doorway of one of my children’s rooms, long ago, shaking my head at the mess and heaving a deep sigh. With my oldest, the Adult Child in question, I listened to the experts who said, “The child’s room is his or her domain. Leave the children alone about it’s condition.” Kids Have To Be Taught Organization Why, why, I wonder, didn’t I think of myself as enough of an “expert”  back then to realize that this is a big bunch of bunk? Sure, the child’s room is, indeed, his or her personal fiefdom, but how is a child supposed to learn the high-level skill of organizing that room if it’s not taught? By osmosis? I was lucky by the time I got to my third child. He was so colossally disorganized that I had no choice but to scrap the gurus’ brilliant—but wrong—advice and take upon myself the painstaking job of helping him develop an organized mind. In fact, the project was launched precisely three days before his Bar Mitzvah. He was expecting friends to sleep over for the occasion and the word, “chaotic” would have been an understatement for the condition of his room. There wasn’t...
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