Real Passion Comes From Spiritual Connection

The main idea in marriage counseling is not about “communication,” although that could be part of it. The main idea is not about behaving right (like helping in the house), although that’s certainly a part of it. The main idea is not about thoughts and not fixed by cognitive behavioral therapy, although that has helped lots of people to a great extent. The main idea in marriage counseling IS about fanning the flames of passion and being happy together. If you don’t get that far, you haven’t done real marriage counseling. Don’t get me wrong; communication is important. Behavior is important. But, communication and behavior would be important in business and in the classroom. They are important in the relationship between a child and a parent. Marriage has two added dimensions not found anywhere else and if those are not working right, then the marriage is missing some vital and irreplaceable things: passion and spiritual connection. Passion Passion gets “turned” off or on in a way that gives the impression of being out of our control although that is not necessarily so. Brain research shows that feelings are located in the most fundamental part of our brains and, indeed, when pathways for feelings are created in the brain, they are hard to change. What’s more, if you never felt passion before, the feeling can certainly spring up. Obviously, there is always a first time. So either way, it is pre-programmed into our brains to be able to feel the flames of love for our significant other. Do We Really Know The Person We Fell In Love With? What keeps...
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