The Silver Lining In Your (Bad) Marriage

Let’s call this topic “spiritual.” It’s part of the marriage and family counseling process and there is no way to get away from it. Sometimes silver linings are so big they cover the whole cloud. In order for your marriage to work, it helps to see that Life has meaning and that there is a way to make meaning out of yours. Furthermore, the awful experiences we go through have a good side to them. In some wild and weird kind of way they enrich us. Maybe they teach us a lesson that we absolutely needed to learn. Maybe they develop a part of our character that needed bolstering. Here is a story that made the hair stand up on the back of my head. I heard it from the source myself many years ago. I was attending a Bar Mitzvah and the boy’s grandfather stood up to speak. He was from Russia. As a Jew during the outbreak of World War II, he was trying to evade the Russian army. He was afraid of experiencing anti-semitism if he were to be conscripted. Sure enough, he was caught and sent to Siberia. There, he was made to go without warm clothing or adequate food. He was mistreated and wondered if he would ever get out. His years there were a blessing as we learned that day at the Bar Mitzvah. You see, he did get out, and when he made his way home, he learned that his entire family had been annihilated by the Nazis. He alone survived. Eventually, he was able to leave Russia; he made his way...
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