You’ve Seen the Lawyer? Now See the Marriage Counselor

REPRINTED WITH PERMISSION from The Jewish Star Times, p.13 If you really want a good divorce, see a marriage counselor first. There was a case in Broward County, FL some years ago that had the dubious honor of being the longest running case in county history. I knew that family. The wife came to visit me before the divorce when I was in mourning for my mother. A very sweet young woman. Her husband was a good apple too. So what happened? There were some usual communication problems that a counselor should have tweaked to save the marriage. They were decent people that divorce made worse. Oh, boy did it. There was the custody battle, the flight out of the country, the breaking of legs. I kid you not. And that part could also have been avoided with a counselor. You Need Help To Get An Emotional Divorce The counselor ensures that there will be an emotional divorce so the couple can let go. With an emotional divorce, it is possible to move on and work on the best interest of the child. You might wonder why the vindictiveness in so many cases, why can’t they simply split? The answer is that usually there’s a lot of hurt feelings that never were healed: Just because the flame of love is out, that doesn’t stop the flame of anger from becoming a full-fledged conflagration. The anger and pain came from accusations, blame, criticism, angry words. Maybe there was abuse, maybe verbal, maybe even physical. This did not happen because you were bad people. No one starts out that way. But...
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