Anything Good From September 11th?

REPRINTED WITH PERMISSION¬† from Natural Awakenings, January, 2002, p. 24 I have met some people who go through their everyday lives feeling somewhat distant from their own emotions, just going through the motions of living. I’ve met others who wonder what it is all about, their humdrum activities that seem to lack depth or meaning. It might seem that the nervous and uncertain period we are in right now would accentuate all that, but I think it has the potential to do the opposite. Like a chilly winter wind, I think it can wake us up to an intense-and perhaps meaningful-reality. Take complacency, for example. Before September 11, I was complacent, taking for granted whatever was good in my life. Oh, sure, I was grateful for my health and that of my family; I delighted in my children; I cared about my clients; I was thrilled when my articles would come out. But, do you think I ever gave much thought to the food I was eating? Or my cozy, safe house? Indoor plumbing? Now, I do. I can’t help but think of the starving people in Afghanistan. I’ll bet that happened to you, too. And the funny thing is, I consider myself kind-hearted and empathetic. How come I was never rocked before by the hunger in the world? I certainly knew about it. You see what I mean? Feeling Alive Is One Good Outcome I think feeling real, feeling connected, feeling alive is another outcome of this horror. Just like we no longer take our food for granted, we can’t take safety for granted any more either. But...
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