3 Reasons Marriage Counseling Fails

I believe in Marriage Counseling. Well, of course: That’s why I do it! But the cynics among you might think, “Yeah, well, she gets paid after all.” Now that’s a good point. I do get paid, as you do for your work. But honestly, if you did your work, whether it was building buildings or neurosurgery or closing real estate deals, how would you feel about it if it hardly ever worked? How would you feel if your job was a lot of work that went nowhere? You’d come to hate it. That’s what I thought you’d say. I’ve been doing this a lot of years and I love it. I don’t expect to ever get tired of it and I don’t plan on retiring. And the reason is that I get a lot of satisfaction seeing that light bulb go on over people’s heads. (Yes, I can just about see it!) I get intense pleasure when a formerly insensitive person turns with tenderness to his or her spouse and says something kind and validating. That’s my best payment. On the other hand, there is room for cynicism because the stories I’ve heard make me sad. I’d like to see everyone who needs it benefit from marriage counseling, and unfortunately, that is not the case. So I’d like to present you with three possible sorts of situations in which it fails. If You Were An Abused Child, Now Is The Time To Heal The first one is that it can’t get off the ground because a person simply is not ready to confront his pain. Here’s the scoop: Let’s...
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