A Powerful Tip To Make The Best Use Of Your Divorce

We have an expression in the Jewish tradition which goes, “Also this is for [the] Good!” It is said with a smile and written with an exclamation point. In the case of divorce, it is a very hard expression about which to be sincere. One wonders how in the world to look at a divorce as good. Even in the case where you are thrilled to be out of a deeply hurtful situation–and what divorce isn’t preceded by pain?–there seems to be nothing good about it. The very least amount of pain is in the disappointment: Months, perhaps years, perhaps even decades of a life were invested in another human being who didn’t come through. Divorce Brings Sad Thoughts Of Lost Years And then there is the sense of total waste: If I invested all this time for no return on my investment, not only do I have a right to be disappointed in my partner, but I have to ask myself, “Why didn’t I have sense enough to avoid this pointless relationship from the get-go?” Or at least, “Why didn’t I get out earlier?” So along with the other-blame comes the inevitable self-blame. And I am here to state emphatically that these are not bad questions. I am not going to tell you not to trouble yourself more with these questions since you are suffering so much. I am, instead, going to say, “Hey, these questions are good. Maybe I can help you answer them. Because, if we can figure this out together, not only do you significantly improve your likelihood of not making the same mistake over...
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