8 Tips for a Great Marriage

Do you see the glass (of your marriage) as half empty or half full? The most fascinating part of this question is that both would be correct and both represent the same set of facts. No matter what you see, you can call it half empty or half full and both would be correct. What is different in these two cases is not the other person, but the person who is calling it. If the caller thinks it’s half empty, it’s because he’s looking at what his marriage is missing. He’s blind to what it is. If he’s calling it half full, it’s because he realizes (wisely) that no one is perfect and he is appreciative of what he has. Most important here is not to misunderstand me. I am NOT speaking to the abuse VICTIM and telling her (or him) to be happy with the few moments when he is not being blasted, iced, neglected, or violated. No. I am speaking to the one who inadvertantly abuses through constant dissatisfaction. He or she may not think of this as abuse, and the amount of it and the proportion of it to positives will determine the extent to which all this negativity becomes abuse. My point is that even if it is not so severe as to call it abuse, clearly, those of you who see the glass half empty are guilty of not seeing the good in your marriage. Why Cheating Is Abuse Let’s take cheaters. That’s a good one. Cheating, of course, is abuse, but a kind of abuse that the victim doesn’t even (necessarily) know about....
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