The Secret of Gift Giving

 REPRINTED WITH PERMISSION from the Florida Jewish News A key, maybe THE key to relationships is being a giver, not a taker. But even that isn’t enough. You have to give what the other person actually wants, not what YOU would want. Scene 1 The old lady shuffled into the room, wanting desperately to be helpful, wanting to be noticed and appreciated, something that hadn’t happened often in her life. Her eyes darted around the room, wondering what she could do. No one asked for this help, mind you. No one even knew what she was up to. It was all her idea. She saw a pile of bread crumbs sitting on the counter and decided that she could wipe up the counter. What a great idea. She took a paper towel, wet it, and swept the crumbs onto it. She threw it in what looked like it could have been the trash. Shortly, her son suggested it was a good time to drive her home. Several hours later, when her daughter-in-law came home from her errands, she washed her hands, put on her apron, took the fish out of the fridge, and walked over to where she was going to bread it. She stared blankly at the missing bread crumbs. She could have sworn she’d left them there since she’d had enough left over from her morning cooking to use for the fish. This put a bit of a crimp in her schedule as that was the last of the bread crumbs. “I’ll have to go out again,” she mumbled, grabbing the recycling bag to take with her...
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