Don’t Call it “Adult Content,” Call it “Childish”

The kindergarten class was just simmering down after recess. Several little boys were hysterically giggling in a corner while the teacher attempted to get the class back to their seats. As she approached the gaggle of rowdies, she overheard snippets of conversation. A dark frown crossed her face. “Children!” she exclaimed, “That’s potty-language. Potty-language is not acceptable in our classroom!” But who could blame those kids? They were only doing what comes naturally. To five-year olds, parts of the body are fascinating. For the past two years they have proudly done their business in the potty, often without even missing. Rarely do they have accidents any more. Still, for the next three or four years, as the amazing capacities of their bodies reveal themselves, that will be a powerful source of enthrallment. And well it should be. We’ve got incredible machinery. It grows, rejuvenates itself every night, heals, learns, connects, and creates. The human body is wonderful. It ought to be a source of allure. Indeed, it remains captivating to hundreds of thousands of scientists who make their living studying every limb, bone, artery, neuron and synapse in an attempt to learn, help and heal our bodies. So why is it — please tell me — that there are millions of people who got fixated at age 5 and never got interested in the rest of the machinery? At the age of five, fixation on sexual organs is not a problem; it’s normal. At the age of forty-five, it’s a big problem. What happened to their regular adult development? Real Adults Appreciate Their Minds, Hearts, and Souls, Too I’ll...
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