ADHD: Keys Under the Hood, Eyeglasses in the Freezer

REPRINTED WITH PERMISSION from The Jewish Star Times, p. 19 I swear it really happened this way. Not a day goes by that my husband doesn’t “lose” his glasses, his keys, his wallet, and often his shoes. (How you even manage to lose shoes, I don’t know.) He’s got ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) but that’s no excuse. He gets the whole family in an uproar: “I’m late! I’ll miss [you fill in the blank-carpool, the plane, the appointment, etc.]. Where are my [choose from the following: glasses, keys, shoes, socks, important papers]?” Notice that the papers he’s missing are never ordinary papers like you or I would have. Oh, nooo. They’re always “important” papers. And he’s missing them just when he’s late. (Of course.) And, to make matters worse, it is our fault. His family, whom he loves, is at fault because we hid/moved them. Oh, even if he knows we were not home to do that terrible deed, we know he has a “problem” so we should be looking after his belongings so he doesn’t lose them. That’s pretty clever, eh? So anyway, on one particular day when hysteria had reached unparalleled heights, his keys were really lost. I mean lost. And I, his loving wife, had to sacrifice my own set of keys with the lanyard my son made and the ivory piece carved in the shape of Africa knowing full well that I might never see them again. Reluctantly, I handed my precious set over because he really, really did need to get to work. And, as he started the car, there was a distinctly...
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